Tentative Cypress GitLab CI integration for fun and profit

Does this Cypress dilemma sound familiar? You’re an exploratory tester who happens to know a bit of JavaScript, so you decide to give Cypress a try. It’s got great documentation (seriously, it’s amazing), requires extremely minimal setup (check out my Cypress Starter Kit) and can provide a lot of value very quickly. After a while, you might find yourself running the tests multiple times a day. By now, you’ve probably demoed your tests to the rest of the team. “Wouldn’t it be great,” you think, “if these tests ran automatically so everyone could benefit from their insight?” There’s only one problem – your DevOps specialists are over-worked and under-resourced. What’s more, you don’t have the know-how to properly integrate Cypress into the frontend dev workflow.

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That’s where this blog post comes in!