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  • Crafting a Browser Matrix

    Crafting a Browser Matrix

    When developing a website, you will likely have a list of browsers and devices that you expect the site to work with. When this list is formalised, it is often called a ‘browser matrix’ or ‘browser support matrix’. If you build sites for external clients, a browser matrix can form part of your agreement with them. If […]

  • TestBash Brighton and the Evolution of Testing

    TestBash Brighton and the Evolution of Testing

    In March 2017 I attended TestBash Brighton. Despite being a long-time fan of the Ministry of Testing (as well as their busy Testers’ Slack), I’d never been to any of their events before. I expected an enjoyable and engaging day, and I was not disappointed! Both speakers and attendees were friendly and approachable, and each talk was […]

  • We need to talk about test data

    We need to talk about test data

    Last month, I was hurriedly booking a vets’ appointment using my surgery’s online form. In the process, I accidentally used test data instead of my own! #testerproblems Absent-mindedly filling in the vets’ contact form with fake contact details rather than my real details. — James Sheasby Thomas (@RightSaidJames) April 20, 2017 Not sure Mr Fakename (email: […]

  • Accessibility testing crash course

    Accessibility testing crash course

    This post is a companion to my ‘Accessibility testing crash course’ talk that I gave at Leeds Testing Atelier 2016. I gave a revised version of this talk at Inviqa DevDay in December 2016. Accessibility is arguably the ‘last mile‘ of web development. No matter how good your site’s design, tech stack, code and testing is, its accessibility is probably passable at […]

  • Testing: 3 lessons learned

    Testing: 3 lessons learned

    In Summer 2013 I made the difficult decision to move away from my beloved Cardiff to live in Yorkshire with my (now-) wife. During my 6 month job hunting period I blogged about my frustrations with Jobcentre Plus and shared my advice for dealing with recruiters. Dozens of applications and 3 job interviews later, I found a […]