By 2023, most people will be too young to remember the Berlin Wall!

When will we forget? (Based on US Census Bureau National Population Projections)

Comic courtesy of XKCD

The title of this post is a very strange thought indeed. I was born literally 10 days after the Berlin Wall fell, yet in just over 10 years time the majority of the population won’t be able to remember the wall itself or the repression that it represented. A few other historical milestones in this comic particularly strike me: Princess Diana will be mostly consigned to the history books by 2036, and only 4 years later the same thing will happen to 9/11. Of course, by 2036 I’ll be well into my 40s, and it won’t be too long before I’m educating my own grandchildren about communism, mass terrorism and other important parts of our heritage and culture (some if which are yet to happen, of course). Nonetheless, it’s impossible for me to imagine what that will be like. How about you? Is there anything else in the table opposite that strikes a chord with you?

There is one bright side, however: it’s only 28 years until Crazy Frog, Proper Crimbo and My Humps are erased from living memory! And not a day too soon.