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  • Generative AI: pitfalls, myths and potential

    Generative AI: pitfalls, myths and potential

    This post is about Generative AI – also known as GAI, LLMs, GPT, AI chatbots or simply ‘ChatGPT’. Its output is impressive and fun to play around with. It seems like everyone and their guinea pigs have used ChatGPT at least once. But how much do we, even those who work in digital and tech,…

  • Accessibility testing crash course

    Accessibility testing crash course

    This post is a companion to my ‘Accessibility testing crash course’ talk that I gave at Leeds Testing Atelier 2016. I gave a revised version of this talk at Inviqa DevDay in December 2016. Accessibility is arguably the ‘last mile‘ of web development. No matter how good your site’s design, tech stack, code and testing is, its accessibility is probably passable at…